OHS Networking

 Construction Safety Network is a fast-growing organization that assists and connects people primarily in the safety industry. As a leader in the industry, we have built a reputation in finding a common ground for safety professionals , in Canada.

Training & systems

We are differentiated by our unique approach in helping our spectrum of clients by providing up-to-date OHS material, support and news, networking , and over 400 online certified training  courses.

Keeping Everyone Safe

 When a workplace is safe, workers feel more comfortable and confident when they are in that environment. Hence, productivity gets a boost, and profit margins follow suit.

             Our Goal 

Construction Safety Network's  goal is to assist you with ensuring compliance in your workplace with assisting with safety documentation , Q & A  assistance from Our support staff to ensure your workaplce has  fewer injuries, fewer lost time days, and a competitive market advantage for your company .


Construction is an ever growing workplace with continuously changing hazards and risks associated with the different tasks.

We have over 220 Video Training Courses.....

Video Training Courses

Online Forms & Assessment Solution

"Doing things right the first time! This is just smart business..."

- Ron Marks, Avalanche